What Kind of Person Needs a Life Coach?

Life coaching, as a profession, comes under a certain amount of scrutiny. People ask: “How can anyone be qualified to coach someone else on a topic so broad and immensely important as life itself?” It’s an understandable question. But the thing is that the proof is in the pudding. Life coaching can and does deliver a high level of value for the people who have the necessary desire to overcome obstacles and reach their goals.

Does everyone need a life coach? I suppose that depends on how we define “need.” What I can say for sure is that everyone can benefit from a life coach.

But what are the reasons people would have for hiring a life coach? Everyone leads a different life, so those can vary. Here are some common profiles:

People Who Are Not Content With Their Careers

We have all either been in this position or known someone who was in this position.

Young people graduate from college, go on the job hunt, and realize that the dream job they were hoping for just is not available right now, so they have to settle for something menial and unfulfilling.

Mature people look back on their 20-30 years of work and realize that they are not where they had planned to be at this point. They have the skills and experience, and they have put in the hours, but for some reason, the market has not rewarded them with success commensurate with those skills and experiences.

The problem here is not that they did not study or work hard enough. The problem is that the skills and knowledge of doing your job are often different from the skills and knowledge it takes to get a promotion or sell yourself. The purpose of a life coach in this scenario is, in part, to intervene and fill in that gap. A life coach would help this professional to both find better opportunities and seize those opportunities.

People Who Seek Fulfillment

There is no direct correlation between what we often call “success” and having a fulfilling life. Some people are “poor” but quite happy, feeling fulfilled in what they have accomplished in life. Other people are “successful” yet still hunger for something more – and they may not even know what it is. A life coach helps people who seek fulfillment by identifying what is missing in their lives and helping them to obtain that. This may be a better relationship or family life. It may be a better career or more successful business. It may be another kind of accomplishment such as learning a language or winning a prize or competition. A life coach can help you to attain the things you are missing in life, whatever those things may be.

People Who Seek Faster Results

In many cases, people are on good life tracks that are taking them to where they want to be. They do not have any serious problems, and they are already striving toward what they want in life. The problem is that they may not be progressing quickly enough.

These are also people who can benefit from a life coach!

In fact, these people can be the ones who benefit the most from life coaching. In many cases, a life coach can help someone in this position to achieve their goals in a fraction of the time it would otherwise take.

Want to get a six-figure job within two years? Let’s do it in six months. Want to grow your business from $8,000 per month to $30,000 per month next year? Let’s do it this year. Want to find a significant other to share your life with at some point? Let’s do it this month.

Whatever your situation is in life, if you are not content and you don’t know what your next move should be, a life coach can help you. This is one of the things that got me into life coaching: I know that what I do can help virtually anyone, and seeing that actually happen gives me joy.

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